“I have always begged for parental love, My Father Didn’t Take care Of Me, I guess I’m an orphan” – Phyna shares more about her family.

Written by fazazy39

Popular reality star Phyna continues to share details about her family, revealing how she had to plead for parental affection after an article about her distancing herself from her family circulated. This follows earlier reports in which her father claimed he had not seen her since she won the BBNaija prize.

Phyna, deeply affected by her family’s actions, has opened up about their mistreatment of her during her upbringing. She revealed that she often heard that she wasn’t her father’s daughter and that she had to beg for parental love. Phyna expressed:

“Growing up I always hear you are not my daughter… you are not my daughter…. Yet I would beg for parental love….. the truth is I have always begged people to love me Today I have finally accepted it………. NO wonder I for say…. guess ‘no an ORPHAN'”

In this statement, Phyna reflects on her experiences and the emotional challenges she faced within her family.

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