“Fake Mohbad Dey Disturb Me”- Shallipopi shares the email he received from fake ‘Mohbad’

Nigerian singer Shallipopi recently shared an email he received from an unidentified individual impersonating the late Nigerian singer Mohbad.

Mohbad, a former artist signed to Marlian Music, tragically passed away on September 12. While rumors circulated about the cause of his death, including a reported ear infection, concrete evidence is yet to confirm the cause, as his body was recently exhumed for an autopsy.

Several days after the incident, Shallipopi posted a screenshot on Snapchat, revealing the email he received from someone claiming to be Mohbad. The email content stated, “Good evening Shali, this is Mohbad, but remain calm.”

Shallipopi’s post of this screenshot has sparked discussions online, with many individuals sharing their thoughts and opinions in the comments section

Here are some reactions to Shallipopi’s post:

@1Cyphz remarked, “They want to scam the entire Shallipopi street.”

@NwanneDivine expressed, “It’s unbelievable, scammers still can’t show respect even to the deceased?”

@gifted_willy noted, “Nigerians find a way to use anything for a joke.”

@_OLUOFLAGOS humorously said, “Pluto boys and Elon Musk boys still using old iPhones?”

@Billz_eth playfully questioned, “Are you trying to scam Elon Musk’s boys?”

@tegayrn64 jokingly added, “Does Mohbad’s spirit not slap people?”

@PreciousV00 expressed confusion, stating, “I don’t understand why they keep sharing conversations they had with the late artist.”

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