Ex-wife demanded that I should choose between She and Mohbad – Late singer’s father

Written by fazazy39

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, commonly known as Mohbad, has revealed that his former spouse, who also acted as Mohbad’s initial stepmother, once presented him with an ultimatum: to choose between Mohbad and her.

This revelation came to light as Aloba clarified Mohbad’s lyrics in the song titled “Sorry.” Aloba, while providing additional context about the lyrics, disclosed that his relationship with her was intricate and had its complications.

He recounted that his choice of Mohbad over her ultimately led to her leaving the family.

Joseph Aloba shared this information during an exclusive interview with Saturday PUNCH, saying, “The stepmother once told me, ‘Choose me or your son.’ I chose my son (Mohbad), and she packed her belongings and left. We had been together for over seven years; I married her around 2005. This stepmother opposed my decision to send Mohbad to school, and I chose my son. Consequently, she made the choice to leave.”

Recall that Naijalegit reported on September 12, 2023, about the controversial death of Mohbad at the age of 27. He was buried on September 13, 2023. Subsequently, there were calls for an autopsy due to distressing revelations about his experiences of harassment, bullying, and assault during his lifetime.

The body of the late Mohbad has been exhumed, and an autopsy has been conducted. People in Nigeria and around the world are now eagerly awaiting the results of the autopsy.

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