“We’ve been through good and bad times, and you are the last man standing” Faithia Williams affirms loyalty to Bimbo Thomas as she celebrate her birthday today

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Faithia Williams expressed her gratitude to her friend and colleague Bimbo Thomas for her unwavering support.

In a birthday congratulatory message to Bimbo Thomas, the movie star acknowledged how Bimbo had been a constant presence in her life during both good and challenging times. She described Bimbo as the last woman standing by her side.

Faithia added that Bimbo had been with her since the beginning, and she had made a commitment to remain faithful to their friendship.

“Happy birthday, Agbeke!
In brief, our journey’s highs and lows.
You’re the one who stood the test of time.
From Day One, I’ve had your back.
Savor your special day.
May Almighty Allah keep blessing and guarding you and your loved ones.
Oh, by the way, your outfit is absolutely stunning!”

The birthday celebrant, in turn, shared captivating photos to mark the beginning of her new age.

Overflowing with gratitude, she thanked her Creator and expressed the immense joy in her heart.

“I simply want to express my gratitude to Olorun Eyin noni. There’s so much joy in my heart, and I can’t help but say ‘Oshey Oluwa.’ It’s officially my birthday.”

Faithia Williams is not the only one to have commended Bimbo Thomas for her unwavering loyalty. On her birthday last year, MC Oluomo, the Chairman of Lagos Parks, outshone her fellow colleagues in the film industry with his heartfelt praise. He described her as disciplined, reliable, and loyal, taking a subtle jab at others in the industry.

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