“Mohbad, Why Did You Leave without seeing your beautiful twins in my womb” — Pregnant Lady laments

Written by fazazy39

A young Nigerian woman’s comment regarding the late Afrobeats star Mohbad has sparked controversy and been labeled callous by netizens.

In a viral social media video, the woman expresses regret over not having the musician to herself while he was alive. She can be heard wishing for the singer’s return, alluding to a romantic relationship.

“MohBad, you just left without letting me have a taste of that thing. We will meet at Jesus’ feet. I wish God could grant me the miracle for you to wake up,” she exclaimed.

The video has stirred a strong reaction, with many condemning the woman for seeking attention using the death of the Afrobeat star.

Reactions to the lady who expressed a desire to taste Mohbad:

seun_dreams commented: “I wish God would just appoint me as the ‘Minister of Thunder’ to handle this.”

an_na_bella11 stated: “This is so disturbing to watch. God will definitely judge those using him to seek attention. I wish he could appear and give you a resounding knock on your head.”

diaryofakitchenlover wrote: “I am ashamed of this particular gender of mine.”

ladyque_1 said: “You don’t know how blessed you are if you don’t have family members who come online to disgrace themselves.”

thefoodnetworknig2 added: “Some of you deserve to be showered with fermented werepe leaves water for displaying this kind of madness! You will gain sense by force!”

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