Man ended wedding after his fiancée’s sister cut his beards while he was asleep

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A young man has called off his wedding with his fiancée after her sister shaved off his beard while he was asleep.

It was revealed that he and his fiancée had been in a relationship for six years and engaged for one year before their relationship started to deteriorate. It was during this period of tension that her sister took it upon herself to give him an unexpected makeover.

The man, who had grown his beard for 8 years, disclosed that a disagreement emerged with his fiancée when he informed her that he wouldn’t be shaving his beard for their wedding.

In a Reddit post, he recounted the incident, stating that he woke up to his 32-year-old sister-in-law, whom we’ll refer to as Sally, using a razor to shave his beard. He and his fiancée, whom he referred to as Lexi, had been in a seemingly happy relationship for 6 years and engaged for approximately 1 year, or so he believed.

To provide context, he mentioned that Lexi’s sister, Sally, who had always been unfriendly towards him, rarely engaged in conversation and only did so when their parents were present.

Sally has always been a significant presence in Lexi’s life, providing her with crucial support during a challenging period in college. Since then, Lexi has confided in Sally about virtually everything. This openness has created issues in the past, particularly when Lexi shared personal details about the narrator’s childhood that he had only disclosed to a select few. This led to a three-month period of not speaking during the COVID pandemic, during which Lexi seldom left their room except for meals and bathroom breaks.

In the past year, they hadn’t argued until three nights ago when Lexi expressed her desire for the narrator to shave his beard. It’s important to note that the narrator has been growing a thick beard for 8 years, of which he is immensely proud. Naturally, he declined Lexi’s request, which resulted in her storming off to the kitchen, angrily smashing a wine glass and a plate in the process.

The situation escalated as Lexi accused him of being selfish for not complying with her request. She retreated to their bedroom, slamming the door behind her. The narrator found himself sleeping on the couch that night and awoke around 4 a.m. to Sally attempting to shave his beard with a razor. He pushed her away in response. Lexi then rushed to check on Sally while he examined the substantial portion of his beard that Sally had removed. He proceeded to pack a bag, and during a heated exchange, he told Lexi to leave him alone, called off the wedding, and left for his parents’ house, where he has been staying since the incident.

Sally later texted him, claiming that he was selfish for not shaving his beard because it felt uncomfortable for Lexi during intimate moments. The narrator has not responded to her message. His family believes he should end the relationship, while Lexi’s family advises him to shave his beard and move on. The narrator is seeking advice on what course of action to take and whether he is in the wrong.

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