“He was born to be a King”- Fuji singer King Wasiu Kwam1’s daughter, Dami shower praise on father

Written by fazazy39

Dami Marshall, the daughter of Kwam1, celebrated her father’s recent coronation as the Olori Omoba Akile Ijebu on her social media account.

Following Kwam1’s coronation, which garnered attention and respect, Dami took to her Instagram to share her pride and admiration for her father. She posted photos of him and stated that he was born to be a king, emphasizing how naturally suited he is for royalty.

This heartfelt praise reflects the deep sense of pride and joy that Dami feels for her father’s significant achievement and recognition in the Ijebu community. It’s a beautiful expression of the bond between a daughter and her royal father. 🤴👑📸

Naija previously reported on the ongoing coronation of the renowned Fuji musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, also known as Kwam 1, as he is set to ascend to the title of Olori Omooba Akile Ijebu. This significant event has seen heartwarming and spiritually meaningful moments.

As part of the coronation rituals, Kwam 1 entered a sacred house a few days ago. During the 5th day of the coronation at the sacred house, Kwam 1’s aged mother played a pivotal role by offering her blessings and prayers. Interestingly, Saheed Osupa, who was also present, received the blessings and prayers from Kwam 1’s mother.

In a video capturing this moment, Saheed Osupa can be seen in close proximity to Kwam 1’s mother as she showers him with blessings and prayers. This demonstrates the cultural and spiritual significance of the coronation process. 🙏🎶👑

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