“ Dope salary, N623k monthly” – Mum searches for babysitter with Master’s degree, lists conditions

Written by fazazy39

Tammy, a mother, is actively searching for a babysitter and is determined to select the most qualified candidate who meets her rigorous criteria.

Tammy posted a job listing outlining the prerequisites for a potential babysitter to increase her chances of finding the right fit. In her advertisement, this American mother, who has four delightful children aged between two and seven years, specified that the babysitter must possess a minimum educational qualification of a Master’s degree.

As per her requirements, the babysitter should excel in cooking and have a strong inclination for maintaining cleanliness. Additionally, the candidate should be over 25 years old and able to provide five professional references. Tammy also mentioned that a thorough background check and drug test would be part of the hiring process.

Her advertisement clearly states, “No social media accounts (to protect my kids), no drinking, no smoking, not even vaping, and no tattoos or piercings.”

“The compensation for this position is N155,000 per week. Applicants should have their own transportation for running errands to and from the location. If interested, please contact Tammy by phone.”

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