“Original Evidence Proves Liam Is Mohbad Son”— Gistlover Reveals Real Evidence Why Liam Is Mohbad Real Son (See Chat)

Written by fazazy39

The anonymous Nigerian blogger known as Gistlover has disclosed details about individuals who were questioned by the Nigerian Police Force regarding the incident involving Mohbad’s loss on September 12th.

In a conversation, Gistlover communicates with one of them, inquiring whether the police have summoned them for interrogation.

Gistlover’s Message:

Hello Nigerians, I want to remind you that I never speak without evidence. We all seek justice, and it’s essential to put aside sentiments and critically analyze the situation. I urge you to delve into conspiracy theories and connect the dots.

Before I share any information, I ensure that I’ve verified it. As an investigator, it’s crucial to do more than just sit in a comfortable place and start talking. Sometimes, you must conduct due diligence, reach out to people, and ask questions.

When Verydarkblackman began pointing fingers and diverting attention from his benefactors, I informed you that they had been interrogated. I even reached out to one of the police teams involved in the investigation, and they confirmed it. When he realized that his claims about the boys didn’t hold water, he shifted focus to his wife to further divert attention.

I want to clarify that I’m not against the police conducting their investigation, and if it necessitates a DNA test, his wife will willingly comply. We all want justice, and no one should be exempt. However, diverting the public’s attention from the more significant suspects won’t happen.

Kemi, who initially opposed the idea of a DNA test, suddenly joined forces with Verydarkblackman to cause division and diversion. She claimed that the boy in the car was named Sanusi and had been flown to Dubai, even though he hadn’t left his house. Are you connecting the dots?

I reached out to the boy again, and you can see his response in the slides. I’ll even go live with him to prove that they’ve been feeding you lies and distractions, all to protect Naira and Sam Larry.

Furthermore, after my plea to the girl to do the DNA test, Verydarkblackman said he wouldn’t believe the result. This man must really think he’s important. If Wunmi undergoes the test, it’s to make the bullies he sent after her back off. She’s doing it for the public, not for him. It’s one step at a time.”

[See the chat below for more details.]

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