“I Have Evidence When Mohbad came to beg me even crawl at my feet to forgive him for saying I was after his life” – Naira Marley says

Written by fazazy39

Rapper Naira Marley has recently claimed that the late celebrity Mohbad apologized to him after making a video accusing Naira Marley of being after his life.

In the widely viewed video, Mohbad pointed fingers at Naira Marley’s Malian group and claimed that they should be held responsible for his death under any circumstances. This accusation led to speculations and suspicions surrounding Naira Marley’s involvement in Mohbad’s demise.

However, Naira Marley, during an interview with Reno Omokri, revealed that he met with Mohbad after the video was made and had documented evidence of the young singer apologizing to him.

At the time when Mohbad recorded the video, Naira Marley explained that he was out of the country and had received information about it from various sources.

In response to the video and accusations, Naira Marley revealed that he attempted to help Mohbad, even though he wasn’t physically present in Nigeria when the video was recorded.

When Naira Marley returned to the country, he inquired about the situation and met with Mohbad. During their conversation, Mohbad admitted that he didn’t understand what had compelled him to make the accusations and offered an apology to Naira Marley. Naira Marley claimed that he possesses video evidence of this apology.

“I spoke to him trying to find out what was wrong, but he said he didn’t understand and apologized. Yes, he apologized. I have a video of that,” Naira Marley revealed.

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