“A good woman will never force a man to recognize that she is a good woman,” says Bimpe Akintunde after becoming the third wife of a movie producer.

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Nigerian actress Bimpe Akintunde took to social media to share a message about self-worth and the qualities of a good woman on her social media platform.

Bimpe Akintunde, who recently made headlines with her decision to become the third wife of a movie producer, ignited discussions about love, relationships, and marriage.

In her message, she stressed that a good woman should never have to compel a man to recognize her value.

In her post, Bimpe wrote, “A good woman will never force a man to realize that she is a good woman. If he doesn’t recognize that on his own, it’s his loss… Real truly recognizes real. If it takes extra efforts from your end as a woman, then it’s draining and not healthy. Happy Eid -El-Maolud to all my brothers and sisters in Islam.”

Naijalegit reported earlier that Bimpe Akintunde shattered advice to her fans and demonstrated that happiness knows no age limit.

She tied the knot in a Nikai ceremony with U.S.-based producer Yousuph O Ganiu on Sunday, June 25th.

Embracing her new chapter as the third wife of a renowned movie producer, Bimpe Akintunde took to social media to emphasize that age should not be a barrier to finding happiness.

She wrote, “NO ONE IS EVER TOO OLD TO FIND HAPPINESS IN LOVE!!!!!!! May Every Woman Craving, Hoping, praying for Genuine Happiness Find it in A Miraculous way Insha Allah. Allow me to be my WCW today!! I have been strong for too Long!!!! But God came thru in a Miraculous way. Truly our God is Always on Time. #happiness💕 #happinesisthekey #stayhappy😊 #stayhappyalways❤️ #mrsg #chronicleofalovergirl #truelover.”

Recalling that Bimpe Akintunde joined in holy matrimony with her lover, Yousuph O Ganiu, on Sunday, June 25th, she expressed gratitude to God for a successful Nikai.

She also thanked her husband and co-wives for their love and acceptance.

Bimpe’s decision to enter into this unique marriage arrangement has sparked both admiration and curiosity from her fans and the public. While some may question the unconventional nature of her choice, Bimpe remains steadfast in her belief that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, regardless of age.

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