Witness the heartwarming moment as Wasiu Ayinde’s 104-year-old mother dances with boundless joy during her son’s coronation ceremony.

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A heartwarming video captures the delightful moment when the 104-year-old mother of fuji singer Wasiu Ayinde, popularly known as Kwam 1, danced with unbridled joy at her son’s coronation ceremony.

The coronation of Kwam 1 as the Olori Omoba Akile Ijebu has garnered significant attention from fans, colleagues, and the Ijebu community, emphasizing the cultural and musical significance of the event.

In a circulating video, the proud and energetic 104-year-old mother of Wasiu Ayinde can be seen dancing with sheer happiness as her son is conferred with the title of Olori Omoba Akile Ijebu.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Naijalegit previously reported on the ongoing coronation ceremonies for the renowned Fuji musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, popularly known as Kwam 1, as he assumes the distinguished title of Olori Omooba Akile Ijebu. The proceedings have witnessed a deeply touching and spiritually significant moment.

As part of Kwam 1’s coronation rites, he recently entered a sacred house, a pivotal step in his journey towards becoming the Olori Omooba Akile Ijebu.

On the fifth day of the coronation within this sacred space, Wasiu Ayinde’s elderly mother offered her heartfelt blessings and prayers to Saheed Osupa, who was also present. In a heartwarming video, Saheed Osupa can be seen in close proximity to Kwam 1’s mother as she bestows her blessings and prayers upon him.

This event underscores the cultural and spiritual significance of Kwam 1’s coronation, bringing together influential figures in the music industry and the Ijebu community to witness and partake in these sacred traditions.

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