“Tell The World Who Father Your Child And Stop Sending People To me, I Have The Test Result Already”— Kemi Olunloyo Says As She Set To Release Mohbad Son’s DNA (See Sample)

Written by fazazy39

Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has issued a warning regarding her intention to reveal information concerning the paternity of the late singer Mohbad’s wife’s son.

Following the untimely passing of the 27-year-old singer, there have been circulating reports suggesting that he may not be the biological father of his son. This has led to numerous calls for a DNA test to determine the child’s paternity.

Kemi Olunloyo, who is one of those advocating for a paternity test, has criticized the mother of Mohbad’s child for what she alleges to be false claims. She has asserted that Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, has been sending individuals to contact her regarding this matter.

In addition, Kemi Olunloyo criticized Iyabo Ojo for her stance on the matter, highlighting that the movie star had discouraged people from requesting a DNA test during an Instagram live session.

Taking things a step further, Kemi Olunloyo claimed to possess the DNA test result and issued a warning that she would publicly reveal it if Wunmi did not disclose the identity of her child’s father to the public.

She stated, “Wunmi, stop sending people to me. Should I just post the DNA report? Iyabo is telling the media that nobody should request DNA. I already have it. Tell the world who fathered your child in a 1-minute video.”

Kemi Olunloyo has consistently emphasized the need for a DNA test concerning Mohbad’s son. In the past, she even pointed out the striking resemblance between Liam and Sam Larry in a live video.

In response to her comments, some netizens have criticized the investigative journalist:

One Eaze Ekode expressed, “If you have the evidence, post it and stop making so much noise.”

One Ijeoma suggested, “Watch, she will likely change her stance soon and start targeting Naira Marley. Kemi’s mind seems to be wandering.”

One Tawo Junzi commented, “If this is true, it’s unfortunate that Mohbad didn’t have someone genuinely supportive, aside from Bella. It’s tragic!!!”

One Jennifer Chy questioned, “Is this what Mohbad would have wanted? He loved and accepted that child, whether it was his son or not. Are we implying that Mohbad was foolish?”

One Poize Ivy criticized, “This woman appears to be a troubled individual, and her posts indicate psychological issues. Her family should consider seeking help for her as she seems mentally unstable.”

In her defense, one Rully King noted, “Nigerians, you often underestimate this Kemi woman. I understand she is not always right, but remember, she is not always wrong either.”

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