Reason why i remove my w0mb and decided not to have children for my new husband- Actress Mercy Aigbe reveals

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Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe and her spouse, Kazim Adeoti, are currently enjoying a happy and harmonious marriage. This marks a new chapter for Mercy, following her previous seven-year marriage to her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry.

Mercy Aigbe continues to express her gratitude for her current husband and relishes the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Having been married for over a year, many are naturally curious about when they might start a family. In a recent interview with The Nation, Mercy Aigbe was asked about this topic, and she has now provided her heartfelt reasons for choosing not to have children with her current spouse. Here are Mercy Aigbe’s statements.

During the interview, Mercy Aigbe was initially asked about motherhood, with a teenager and a young adult, and how it has been for her. She responded by saying:

MERCY AIGBE: Well, my daughter has grown into a young adult, studying far away in Canada. Sometimes, when I see her, I’m reminded of how she’s all grown up, and it makes me realize that I’m no longer the young girl I used to be. Aging is a blessing, but I must admit, I’d like to stay youthful forever. Now, when she does something wrong, I can’t just shout at her like before. I have to engage in dialogue because she’s an adult. I believe in giving her the freedom to make her own decisions, as long as I’m there to provide guidance and ensure she doesn’t make significant mistakes. Mistakes are part of life, and they offer valuable lessons. As for my son, he’s also growing up, and we’re thankful for that.

Then, she was asked, “Are you planning to have more children, considering your relatively young marriage?” To which she responded:

MERCY AIGBE: Someone inquired about whether I plan to have another child, and my response is that for now, I don’t have such plans. Perhaps, in the future, I might consider adoption, but as it stands, we are content and grateful to God for where we are.

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