On her 50th birthday, House of Phreedah celebrates by acquiring a luxurious Lexus SUV valued at N30 million.

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Lagos socialite and successful businesswoman, Fareeda Abdulkabir, known as House of Phreedah, has marked her 50th birthday with the acquisition of a stunning Lexus SUV valued at N30 million.

This celebration comes just a few weeks after a highly publicized incident where she reportedly attempted to jump off the Third Mainland Bridge, apparently due to issues in her two-month-old marriage to Ademola Okulaja, which had hit a rough patch.

In her recent update, the socialite enthusiastically shared the fantastic news on her Instagram page, spreading the joy with her devoted fans and followers. Fareeda posted a video showcasing her brand-new vehicle as she celebrates her 50th birthday milestone.

Check the post below;

Recalling the recent events, the socialite had broken her silence after a harrowing suicide attempt on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos a few weeks ago. Witnesses intervened just in time to prevent the beauty expert from leaping off the bridge.

The suicide attempt was reportedly linked to the unraveling of her two-month-old marriage to Ademola Okulaja. Prior to the desperate act, the estranged couple had engaged in bitter altercations on social media, exposing shocking family secrets and launching attacks against each other.

In a poignant video shared without revealing her face, Fareeda opened up about the reasons behind her suicide attempt. She admitted, “I brought myself out like an eight-year-old child to trend on Facebook and Instagram. Love drove me that far. It is love. Anyone in my shoes would understand what I am saying.”

The mother of three expressed the difficulty of coming to terms with her ex-husband’s departure, especially after she had spent a substantial amount on their extravagant wedding and afterparty. She acknowledged the warnings from friends and family that the man she married might have been motivated by her wealth, but she remained obstinate.

Fareeda expressed remorse for involving her children in such a distressing situation, emphasizing that she could not have forgiven herself if she had abandoned them after attempting suicide.

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