“I Want To Gift 10 People 100k Each From My Profit” – Man Who Started Plantain Chips Business and Built 3 Houses Promises to Help People With Capital To start Business.

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian businessman who successfully grew his plantain chips business to the point where he could support the economy has made an offer to assist someone else. He stated that he would provide N100,000 in capital and mentorship to an individual he selects online.

This generous offer garnered significant attention, with many Nigerians expressing their hope and desire to be chosen for the promised capital and mentorship. The businessman’s success story, from starting his plantain business with N100,000 to building three houses and employing numerous people, serves as an inspiring example for others.

A businessman, who goes by the TikTok username @adegbengaolusegun, made an offer of free capital for a business venture. In a TikTok video, he displayed N100,000 in cash and announced his intention to support an individual he selects with this sum.

The condition for receiving the money and mentorship was to follow two TikTok accounts of his choice. The lucky recipient would be announced by Sunday, October 15. This generous offer attracted attention and excitement from potential candidates hoping to receive the financial support and guidance.

Naijalegit compiled a range of reactions to the businessman’s generous offer. Here are some of the comments:

  1. Live and let’s live said: “Are you serious? You started the biz with 100k? I am feeling like a fool right now. I have 5m and don’t know what business to do with it l. SMH.”
  2. Prophet Adewale Aditu said: “Baba pls I have more than that pls mentor me am from Ekiti state.”
  3. User1474741204360 said: “Can u teach me sir if I can raise the 100k myself.”
  4. @5star 100 said: “Please sir can you teach me I’m from Lagos State. I’m serious about it and ready to learn from you.”
  5. Tom_confectioneries said: “I’m interested, help me sir.”
  6. Splendid said: “Pls, I need a mentor. I have a frying pan and have done it before but didn’t work. Please, I want mentorship, please favor me.”
  7. Sanusi umar885 said: “Pls mentor me, I have my 100k. I need you to mentor me please on everything.”
  8. User7690385798431 said: “Sir please can you teach me about this production? I have my own cash

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