“He Always swear to be rich by all means, He Stole My Pant To Do Ritu@l– Wife accuses husband of stealing her underwear

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman has raised alarm online, claiming that her husband stole two of her underwears for ritual purposes. In her distress, she described her husband as a proficient practitioner of ‘juju’ who was determined to amass wealth through any means necessary.

She pleaded with the public for assistance and issued a warning to her husband, demanding the return of her undergarments before she escalates the matter further. She also stated that she had already informed his family members about the situation.

In her statement, she expressed her concerns:

“He has stolen my underwear on two separate occasions. Taofeek is a consistent practitioner of dark magic. I never imagined that someone could attend an Islamic program and return with a plate of white beans pudding (Ekuro).

“He is highly skilled in juju, and he is determined to amass wealth by any means necessary. Please, help me convey the message to him to return my undergarments; otherwise, I will expose this to the world. The second time he took my underwear, I had already worn it while bathing. He assumed that I had washed it with my bathing soap and took it. Tell him to return my underwear immediately before I decide to make it public. I have informed my relatives about this, and even his younger sibling is aware. I possess audio recordings as evidence.”

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