Chats leak as one of the boys who seen with Mohbad corpse in car finally opens up about Mohbad incident

Written by fazazy39

A leaked chat has sparked online commotion as one of the individuals seen with Mohbad’s body in a car clarifies the incident. In a conversation with the well-known Nigerian blogger, Gistlovers, he categorically denied avoiding police questioning and traveling abroad, affirming that he had been fully cooperative with the authorities.

In his statement: “Yes, it’s me, Mohbad’s junior brother, his wife, the other guy, and his senior brother who drove the car. We all went to the State CID on the 20th for the investigation and provided our statements.”

“So, I don’t know why that VeryDarkMan is still accusing me of something he wasn’t even present for. Private Investigators, they should stop seeking attention and damaging my reputation when they don’t even know me. I’m not Sanusi.

I didn’t travel anywhere; I’m at home. They want to harm my football career by spreading false information. I don’t know anyone except for Mohbad and his family.”

See the chat below

@FredMonie responded: “Kemi’s situation is a separate matter altogether. VeryDarkMan said what he said for the sake of clarity and transparency in the investigation. The idea is to question everyone around Mohbad until the guilty parties are identified. I don’t understand why Oba always feels threatened by anyone who doesn’t share the same perspective. Stop attacking and trolling people just because they’re asking different questions. That’s unhealthy. We’re all seeking justice, and your questions aren’t the only valid ones on the table. People have their opinions too, and collecting all these opinions will lead to a more thorough investigation. Don’t be blinded by sentiments, please.”

@KingFadeKemi stated: “What does this VeryDark imbecile think he is? This wretched boy has been doing the most. You doubt the result for what reason? Who is your father? What are you feeling like? What’s all this? Ahn ahn, the audacity though! And as for Kemi Olunloyo, when will you stop being this way? Has your drugs run out again? The same you who claimed that Ifeanyi wasn’t really a boy… Kemi, do you do this for clout or are you truly mentally unstable? Everyone will die one day, and God will judge us according to the works of our hands. Check yourself, Auntie Kemi. All we want is justice. Don’t come and start confusing us because Naira gave you money in the past (isn’t that why you used to call yourself Iya Naira). Auntie Kemi, Oku yin, Oku Olorun oba!!”

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