“You Will Live Long To Fulfil Your Destiny Son”- Adunni Ade celebrates son on his 16th birthday

Written by fazazy39

Prominent Nigerian actress Adunni Ade has taken to social media to celebrate her son’s 16th birthday. The proud mother shared adorable photos of her son on her official Instagram account, expressing her immense pride in him.

In a heartfelt message accompanying the pictures, she wrote, “Happy 16th Birthday, D’Marion!!! 🎉 I wish you a fantastic birthday, my son. You bring so much joy to my life, and I couldn’t be prouder of you. May the sunshine brightly on your path, and may Allah continue to bless you abundantly! Amin! I love you always, Dee Dee @dmanyoung.”

In another post, she delightedly shared photos of her visit to her son’s school, where she surprised him with a birthday cake. She captioned the photos with, “He never expected it! Anything to bring smiles to their faces! Happy Birthday, D’Marion!!! 🍰❤️ @dmanyoung @aydenbyoung.”

Check out her heartwarming posts below: 📸🎂 #AdunniAde #MotherlyLove #SweetSixteen

Adunni Ade’s heartfelt birthday wishes and prayers received a warm and enthusiastic response from fans and followers, who couldn’t help but admire the striking handsomeness of her son. Numerous well-wishers joined in celebrating this special day, adding their own heartfelt greetings to the birthday celebrant. 🎉🥳👏 #BirthdayLove #WarmWishes

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