“You are a very irresponsible mother and you don’t love your son”- Oriyomi Hamzat bl@st Mohbad’s mother

Written by fazazy39

In a strongly-worded statement, popular Ibadan-based broadcaster Oriyomi Hamzat has publicly criticized the mother of the late singer Mohbad, accusing her of neglecting her son for over a decade.

Oriyomi Hamzat suggested that the mother’s absence and disconnection from her son’s life may have contributed to the unfortunate incident that happened to the late Mohbad.

He stated, “You are a very irresponsible woman and you don’t love your son. You left him for over 10 years without looking back. The first time you showed yourself to the public, you were not even emotional about his death. Mohbad’s dad might have his shortcomings, but he tried to raise him by himself. If you were involved in his life, this terrible incident might not have happened. You are not fit to be called a mother. A good woman will take her children along when she is leaving a man.”

Watch his statement in the video below:

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