Veteran actor Kunle Adegbite expresses that Mohbad’s father truly deserves the utmost appreciation and recognition, citing specific reasons for his admiration.

Written by fazazy39

Veteran actor Kunle Adegbite has displayed empathy and understanding towards the challenges and perspective of Mohbad’s father amid the controversy surrounding the late singer’s paternity.

In one of his posts, Adegbite shared a video that recounts the circumstances under which Mohbad’s mother left his father. In a poignant message, Adegbite acknowledged the hardships experienced by fathers and the intricate dynamics within families.

He wrote, “Hmmmm, may God forgive me🙏 Please listen to this till the end… MOHBAD’S Dad truly deserves the best, unquestionably💯 Men face their share of struggles💔 Now, I grasp why the father was so upset during that interview he gave… Yes, he made mistakes with the interview, but let’s try to see things from his perspective💔💔 as a father who loves his children and provides for them. Then, the mother suddenly appears and seems to be enjoying more than the father… Oh, my…

Now, I understand why Mama MOHBAD’S mother’s sister couldn’t speak ill of MOHBAD’S father… If the situation were reversed, you can imagine what women would be saying now… ‘deadbeat father,’ that’s the term they use when men abandon their children… Deleting soon…”

You can view his post and the accompanying video below.

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