“I know who kllled Mohbad but i’m scare to speak out”–Actor Amuda Eko share some some Amazing information Online

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Nigerian actor Amuda Eko expressed his deep concerns and raised questions about the untimely passing of the late singer Mohbad in a heartfelt message on social media.

He voiced his belief that Mohbad may have been the victim of foul play and questioned the circumstances of the singer’s death. Amuda Eko also expressed his sorrow and conveyed a strong message about justice.

His message resonates with many who are seeking answers and clarity surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing.

He captioned his video with, “God please help imole get justice till the end. God please. I’m so sad right now and I am down. God this is all we ask of you. Let him get justice till the end #justiceformohbad.”

Watch his video below:

Here are some social media reactions to the situation:

Aishat_ Ayomikun: Mohbad was killed, and it’s not just one person that killed him. All I know is that he has died a long time ago. His friends he was with that Friday for the show should be arrested. His stepmom should be investigated. That blood wasn’t his blood, period. If truly you know about ISESE and traditional rites, you all will know that they can’t just remove his coffin like that. They must lay down any animal (EG), male goat, or hen, to avoid sudden death in the family again. We call it “AKUFA” in Yoruba language ☺. Y’all will pay me for this Yoruba teaching 😂. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace 😭.

Packagadjuice: Ignorance is a disease. That blood is not fresh, but when people don’t know something, they won’t like to learn. When a human dies and is about to decay, what comes out first is water, then blood mixed with water. These come out from the holes in the head, the nose, the mouth, and the ears. I understand a lot of people have not seen such things, but these posts, these videos will only allow them to manipulate this justice. If everybody keeps saying they killed humans, the ones you’re accusing are not even in Nigeria, then there’s no evidence on them. Let the police do their work.

Blessedakintola: Awon ti o se ni ki Olorun ba wa bawi, ejor 🙏.

Tarosayin: Ogah, Ki la gbe kin na ju Dem kill MOHBAD. They will all go one after the other to where they sent him to. #Justice for MohBad.

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