“I am innocent, Trust me I bear no responsibility for the passing of Mohbad,” Naira Marley declares.

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Renowned Nigerian musician Azeez Fashola, widely recognized as Naira Marley, has once again addressed the situation surrounding the tragic passing of his former protege, Mohbad.

In a recent statement issued on September 26, 2023, Naira Marley emphatically asserted his innocence and firmly denied any involvement in Mohbad’s demise, responding to the swirling allegations.

He disclosed that he has been overseas since August 31, 2023, and has yet to return to Nigeria. Expressing his commitment to seeking justice for Mohbad, Naira Marley revealed that he is coordinating his return to the country, with his legal team already in contact with the relevant law enforcement and government authorities.

He conveyed,

Over the past few days, my name and reputation have been globally tarnished in connection with the tragic loss of my former protege. False narratives and accusations have swirled around me regarding his untimely passing. I’ve not only been deeply saddened by the loss of someone I considered a brother and a part of our music family but also by the unfounded falsehoods and threats directed at me.

I want to start by acknowledging that, just as it is agonizing for many to accept the reality of Ileri’s death, it is equally so for me. May his soul rest in eternal peace, and may God grant his family the strength to bear this immeasurable loss. Let me categorically state that I bear no responsibility for Ilerioluwa’s death, whether directly or indirectly. Disagreements are not uncommon in our industry, as in many others, including even among close family members.

While it’s true that we had our share of disagreements during our time working together, these disputes never reached the extent that some are portraying them to be. It certainly never escalated to the point of harboring ill will or wishing harm upon one another. Even then, we were in the process of legally resolving our business disputes before his passing.

I’ve refrained from making any statements until now, both out of profound grief for his loss and to avoid interfering with ongoing government investigations. Furthermore, I’ve been out of the country since August 31, 2023, and have yet to return. In light of the police summons, I am arranging my return to the country to aid in the investigation and provide my perspective on the events. I am fully cooperating with the police team, as I have no reason to evade the authorities when I bear no responsibility for his tragic demise.”

I am convinced that the individuals responsible for his tragic passing hold a personal vendetta against me and are actively manipulating public sentiment in an attempt to unfairly target me for reasons known only to them. The truth about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s demise will inevitably come to light, and the world will discover the facts.

It’s important to acknowledge that such attempts to frame someone are not unprecedented in the music industry, as other accomplished musicians have faced similar challenges.

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