“Please Protect Mohbad’s Father As You’re Protecting Mohbad’s Son”— Pastor Temitope Begs Nigerians to Help Secure Late Singer Dad, Iyabo Ojo Reacts

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Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has sparked a considerable online conversation by sharing a video clip on her social media platform.

In the video posted by Iyabo Ojo, Prophet Temitope Eje Jesu can be seen appealing to the Lagos State government and Nigerians to ensure the safety of Mohbad’s father. Within the clip, Prophet Temitope Eje Jesu expressed concerns about potential threats to the security of Mohbad’s father, suspecting that there might be individuals with malicious intentions following him.

A video shared on Instagram by the renowned Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has triggered a significant buzz on the internet. In the video, Prophet Temitope Eje Jesu, a prominent clergyman, calls on Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and other influential figures in Nigeria to assist in protecting Mohbad’s father. This video has garnered substantial attention and sparked discussions online.

Prophet Temitope Eje Jesu expressed profound worry about the safety of Mohbad’s father, suggesting that there could be individuals with harmful motives who intend to harm him due to the knowledge he possesses regarding the sudden loss of his only son. This revelation has undoubtedly ignited significant interest and discussions across the internet.

Prophet Temitope, in his message to actress Iyabo Ojo, earnestly implored her to assist Mohbad’s father. He stressed the importance of extending compassionate support to him and preventing him from being left in a state of abandonment.

The clergyman also emphasized that Mohbad’s father holds significant knowledge beyond what he has disclosed thus far, underscoring the necessity of providing him with both support and protection.

Here are some reactions from fans to Prophet Temitope’s video:

@sabitalknews: “They threatened my dad. He wasn’t joking when he sang that song. Protect this man with immediate effect.”

@onome_bae_: “If you’re not speaking English, please don’t bring it to the public. Put it in your Yoruba group chat.”

@real_wura: “The man is being threatened!! He looks so sad and scared at the same time!! Even at the police station, they might have warned him not to say anything. Nigeria is messed up.”

@starboya.k.a47: “They should not only do an autopsy of what killed Mohbad but also an autopsy of when he died because I don’t believe Mohbad was fully dead when they buried him.”

@officialjbaby_: “The man is under threat because he knows a lot. I pray God turns the counsel of the adversary to foolishness. Oh Lord, dethrone all the evil people in government and grant us victory.”

@mide_cuddlez: “Please, if you have time, pay a condolence visit to that man. He’s going through a lot.”

@olowo_21: “The man needs to act like a man honestly. This life is one, and they already took your son. I see no reason why he should be scared of the truth, even if it’s a secret interview, he should do it.”

@damy_sax: “Hello everyone, I can tell you that the man needs true protection. He’s getting thinner daily. He’s not eating or sleeping. His light got shut out, and everyone thinks he’s involved or he’s the one who did it. He might kill himself because of all these, trust me.”

@catalyst1434: “I certainly agree. There is something that man is protecting. He knows more, and he is a prime witness.”

@therealafrocandy: “I honestly was about to post that. After thoroughly interrogating him, they should keep him hidden and protected because these guys will try to take him out. I believe he is under a lot of pressure, threats, and oaths, and he will crack and tell all soon.”

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