Mohbad faced the consequences of his actions, according to Pastor Tunde Bakare.

Written by fazazy39

Pastor Tunde Bakare, during a church event in Leicester, United Kingdom on Sunday, September 24, 2023, suggested that the late musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely known as MohBad, might have faced the consequences of his actions during his lifetime.

Speaking on the theme of ‘Harvest’, the former presidential aspirant mentioned that MohBad, who passed away at the age of 27, had associations with individuals he described as malevolent while he was alive. This statement was reported by the Independent.

At the time when he was indulging in drinking, smoking, and associating with individuals of questionable character, he likely didn’t anticipate that the repercussions would come so swiftly, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

I’m not assigning blame; I’m merely conveying the situation. Is “MohBad” a name that signifies positivity? “Moh Bad.”

There was a young man, older than I am, who worked as a driver, and he went by the nickname “Èsù” (devil). Everywhere he went, people greeted him as “Èsù,” and he would respond in kind.

However, the day he had a tragic car accident that resulted in fatalities and led to his imprisonment, he vehemently declared, ‘Méè Sèsù Méè Sèsù’ (I am not the devil),” Bakare recounted.

Here are some reactions:

  1. wives_and_mothers expressed a viewpoint of non-judgment, stating, “Who are we to judge? Even Jesus didn’t judge the prostitute for her actions. Pastor, why are you passing judgment on MohBad? As a pastor, you should know better.”
  2. tom_mie09 offered a prayerful perspective, saying, “God took him and gave us MohBad 🙏.”
  3. nicolenicol21 expressed some skepticism, commenting, “Thank God, man is not God. Nonsense and ingredients.”
  4. showproperty.ng expressed concern about the pastor’s statements, mentioning the challenges MohBad may have faced and his efforts to change, “Pastor, it seems like you’ve lost touch with reality. What else could a boy from the street do to his master, who is highly influential in society? He tried his best to redeem his image, but that may have cost him his life. Pastor, please reconsider this.”
  5. olachocolate defended MohBad’s journey, emphasizing that God forgives, “Sir, you are not God! Yes, he may have associated with a bad crowd knowingly or unknowingly, but at some point, he left and repented. He went to church to seek God’s forgiveness, and I believe he was forgiven. As a pastor, to make such a statement is not right. MohBad means ‘MohBad + bright and destined.’ It is well.”
  6. moregrace.raphael expressed strong dissatisfaction with religious institutions, “If stupidity was a person!!!! Religion is indeed a scam and evil to Africa and the entire world, but it’s okay for some of you who are still clients of these pastors and systems to realize it later 👍🏻.”

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