Introducing the Gorgeous Wife of Sam Larry and Their Two Children – a Son and a Daughter (Photos and Video)

Written by fazazy39

The photos of Sam Larry, his wife, and their two children have been unveiled. These pictures were made public by the popular blogger Cutie Jullss on his Instagram page, despite warnings not to share them online.

The conversation surrounding the pictures went as follows:

Cutie Jullss: What does your husband do for a living?
Samlarry’s wife: “My husband is a businessman.”

Cutie Jullss: “Madam, you’re lying. Your husband frequents clubs on weekends, searching for those who owe Abu Abel money from buying Canadian loud on credit, just so he can pressure them into paying. On other days, he goes about confronting a musician named ‘Mohbad’ to extract money from Naira Marley. Tufiakwa… This woman’s shame is shaming me. Imagine marrying someone who can’t even openly disclose his profession to the world.”

Here are some reactions from social media:

Carzeyberry_ Johnson: “When he was bullying Mohbad, his foolish wife couldn’t stop him from harassing the boy, but instead, she was spending money. Now, you both are hiding with your children… Larry, Mohbad’s spirit will haunt you until you face the consequences… Amen.”

Amanda_ezeonu: “Normally, I’m not supposed to involve kids, but I will. These children will live the rest of their lives in pain and agony. They will become fatherless, and people will hate them. The sins of their father will impact their lives. They will bow and become slaves to LIAM (Light). They will be worthless to the public and amount to nothing, in Jesus’ name. 🙏”

Redroomclothing: “Sam Larry is the leader of thugs at Elegushi Beach. Find one agbero at Elegushi, give him some loud and a small change… he’ll tell you how they operate. A businessman indeed.”

Damechrsytal: “Please, when is the Nigerian police declaring them wanted??? It’s been over 72 hours, and they haven’t shown up for questioning. 😭😭”

Toe_near: “Lol, Cutie, why do I imagine you with two pigtails for a hairstyle? You make me laugh so much 😂. Thank you, though. I love how you’ve fought on this one.”

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