I Don’t Use It For Play, I lost an eye – Ruger speaks on why he uses patch on his left eye (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian superstar Michael Adebayo Olayinka, widely recognized as Ruger, has provided an explanation for why he wears an eyepatch over his left eye.

There has been ongoing speculation in the entertainment world regarding the reason behind Ruger’s eyepatch. Some believed it was due to an eye injury, while others thought it was part of his distinctive style.

During an interview on the “Zero Conditions” podcast, the 24-year-old singer clarified that he wears the eyepatch because he lost an eye. He initially stated this, which surprised the interviewers, and when asked again, he jokingly reiterated that he uses eyepatches because he lost an eye.

This revelation sheds light on the mystery surrounding Ruger’s eyepatch and provides insight into his unique appearance.

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