Activist Adetoun asserts that she is in communication with Mohbad’s spirit and makes startling revelations, stating that all he requires is prayers for him to find eternal rest. (Video)

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Following the tragic passing of the late singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known by his stage name, Mohbad, several individuals have come forward claiming to have communicated with the departed artist. The latest individual to make this assertion is Adetoun, a Nigerian activist.

Taking to her Instagram Live, Adetoun asserted that she had been in communication with Mohbad’s spirit. According to her account, Mohbad expressed a desire for prayers from Nigerians so that he could find eternal rest before justice is served.

Adetoun revealed that the late singer disclosed to her that he had left his mother to care for his 5-month-old son, Liam, whom he shared with his wife. She emphasized that Mohbad conveyed his wish to find peace after enduring numerous struggles and seeking help from various quarters, all in vain.

She stated, “He said that he left his mother so she can take care of his son, and that’s why he wants everybody to pray for him so he can rest well in peace, and I pray that Mohbad would rest in peace. Whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, let’s join hands together.”

Adetoun continued by sharing Mohbad’s longing for respite, noting, “This boy says he wants to rest, he fought a lot of battles. He ran to people he thought could save him, but none of them could save him, and that’s why he feels that the only thing that can give him peace of mind is for him to rest in peace.

This boy says he wants to rest in peace. He lived a life of pain, he died in pain, and he doesn’t want to continue roaming around, looking for people to help him.”

Many people have taken to social media to express their disappointment and anger over individuals who are seemingly capitalizing on the deceased’s name for attention.

One commenter, Tom, urged everyone to allow the late singer’s name to rest, while Jasmine Precious lamented the lack of respect for the deceased.

Adaannugo suggested that the person making claims about the late singer’s spirit may be doing so to gain attention in light of the advocacy efforts by Iyabo and Tonto on his case.

Maimuu found this behavior to be the highest form of disrespect to the deceased and prayed for peace for Mohbad’s soul.

Another commenter, Call Me Ag, questioned the authenticity of the claims and expressed the sentiment that the deceased should reveal important information about his death rather than making vague statements.

Adetoun is not the only one who has claimed to have heard from the late singer. Cynthia Morgan, now known as Madrina, also shared a message she attributed to Mohbad, emphasizing the focus should be on his son.

Furthermore, Prophet Oba Solomon issued a stern warning to Mohbad after an alleged spiritual encounter with the late singer.

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