“You And Those Who Finish Mohbad Are Almost The Same” – Fans criticiz€ Abu Abel for gifting Mohbad’s son, Liam, 2 million Naira.

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Abu Abel, a controversial figure in Nigeria’s social scene, has sparked a trending online debate due to his recent charitable act towards Mohbad’s wife and their five-month-old son.

Abu Abel, among other affluent individuals, has contributed N2 million to support Mohbad’s wife and their infant son. However, this act of philanthropy by the real estate magnate has faced significant backlash from fans who view it as tainted money.

Renowned Lagos socialite and real estate mogul, Abu Abel, has generated intense online discussions with his recent philanthropic gesture of sending N2 million to Mohbad’s son, Liam Aloba.

A screenshot confirming the money transfer to Mohbad’s son’s account has circulated online, sparking conversations and debates among the public.

In response to this act of charity, many netizens have criticized the socialite, expressing their discomfort with his association with the #JusticeforMohbad cause.

Some people were swift to highlight Abu Abel’s involvement in an incident where he was recorded bullying DJ Chicken.Naijalegit previously reported an incident earlier this year in which Abu Abel and his associates were allegedly involved in a severe assault on DJ Chicken.

Abu Abel’s donation to Liam comes shortly after he was observed attending Mohbad’s Lagos candlelight procession, with less than 24 hours between these two events.

Reactions trail Abu Abel’s donation to Mohbad’s son

Here are some of the fan comments regarding the money Abu Abel sent to Liam’s account:

@arizona0114: “The same person who bullied DJ Chicken, they’re all cut from the same cloth.”

@thisistolu: “Isn’t this the same Abu Abel who had issues with DJ Chicken?”

@yhettyqueen1_: “Who is Abu Abel, and what does he do?”

@max_sticks: “This individual appears to be both an oppressor and a bully.”

@shinadang: “They’re cheering on the oppressor himself, the same person who, along with his associates, assaulted DJ Chicken. This platform, I tell you.”

@KingOpeOfAbj: “This guy was the one who ordered his associates to attack DJ Chicken. He’s no different from Sam Larry.”

@tosinadeda: “Isn’t this the same person who brutally assaulted DJ Chicken on a live IG stream with his associates, leaving him injured?”

@KinqKudos: “Honestly, this is cringe-worthy and shameful. It seems like only a few people in Lagos have some sense.”

@MakeleleJersey: “This guy’s matter is still funny, to be honest. ‘Every day for the thief, one day for the owner.'”

@POTFRNG: “He’s their chairman, so there’s nothing happening among them that he’s not aware of!”

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