“Yomi Fabiyi Honors Murphy Afolabi and Mohbad at His Movie Premiere in the USA”

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“Famous Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi, Pays Tribute to Murphy Afolabi and Mohbad at His Movie Premiere in the USA.

Yomi Fabiyi recently premiered his movie titled ‘Ibi Omo’ in Pittsburgh, USA.

On his Instagram page, the actor shared a clip from the movie premiere in the USA, where he paid tribute to the late Murphy Afolabi and Mohbad.

In the video, photos of Murphy Afolabi and Mohbad were placed side by side to express the love and admiration the movie industry and entertainment world had for them.

Sharing the video, he wrote, ‘TRIBUTE TO MURPHY AFOLABI AND ILERIOLUWA MOHBAD at IBI OMO WORLD PREMIERE ongoing in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.’

See his post below:”

“Actor Yomi Fabiyi Announces Peaceful Protest in Honor of Mohbad, Scheduled for October 1st”

“Yomi Fabiyi Calls for Peaceful Protest on October 1st in Honor of Mohbad

Yomi Fabiyi took to his Instagram page to announce his intention to lead a peaceful protest in demand of justice for the late Mohbad. Despite having travel plans, he expressed his willingness to postpone them to seek justice for the deceased.

In one of his posts, he stated, ‘My return is NOV 6th but I don’t mind paying to move the date forward. If nothing tangible is done, to thy tent oh Isreal. Injustice to one is injustice to all. SAVE THE DATE ▪︎ October 1st #justiceformohbad #freedom #humanrights We have legitimate grounds to PEACEFULLY PROTEST. I will protest even if I means alone.’

He further emphasized the importance of peaceful protests as a human right and encouraged others to join him in the peaceful demonstration on October 1st. Fabiyi also urged participants to come prepared with essentials like toothbrushes and medications, suggesting the possibility of an extended protest.

He concluded by emphasizing the importance of civil and law-abiding behavior, urging people to choose peace and handle disagreements with dignity and respect.”

Here are the posts by Yomi Fabiyi:

“I am adding few individuals to lead us to their places of worship or different groups for peaceful dialogue to plead for freedom and justice. We need like minds for this, people who are willing and can champion a cause. I am considering them to be in this struggle with me. We can’t fight our problem when we can’t sit and discuss it PEACEFULLY.

Email me via [email protected] to be a co-ordinator. You can come as an individual. SEND YOUR NAME. PROTEST FOR MOHBAD is a collective fight for #freedom, #justice and humanity. UNITED WE STAND.

Note: I am not announcing their names yet till they accept it openly. THANK YOU. This struggle, we owe to humanity 🇳🇬.”

(Note: Yomi Fabiyi announced the addition of coordinators to lead peaceful dialogues and discussions as part of the protest efforts.)

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