“Pastor Bent His When He Was Anointing Him”- Late Mohbad’s Step Mother reveal Why Mohbad Head Was Been Bent

Written by fazazy39

In a recently uploaded video, the stepmother of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, calmly explained to another concerned woman the position of Mohbad’s head in the coffin after a church pastor had anointed his lifeless body. Sitting alongside Mohbad’s father, she shared these details in the video.

The other woman in the room, expressing curiosity, suggested that Mohbad might not have truly passed away for his head to be arranged in such a manner.

Speaking in native Yoruba language, she stated, “For his neck to be like that, it means Mohbad has not died.”

In response, Mohbad’s stepmother clarified the situation, explaining that the pastor had initially lifted his neck to anoint his head with oil, and afterward, the body was placed back in a bent position.

She responded, “The church’s pastor lifted his neck in a particular way to pour anointing oil on his head. But when his head was placed back, the neck positioned itself in a bent way.”

Despite the explanation, the other woman maintained her belief that Mohbad hadn’t fully passed away, as she argued that if he had, his neck would have become stiff and nearly unmovable.

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