Mohbad can still live again if I’m Chanced to see his d€@d body – Nigerian prophet boasts, video trends (Watch)

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“A Nigerian Pastor’s Video Trends as He Claims Mohbad Can Return to Life

A video of a Nigerian pastor has set social media abuzz with his startling revelation about the late Mohbad. The video, which is currently trending on Instagram, features the pastor confidently asserting that Mohbad could be resurrected.

The prophet boldly claims that he possesses the ability to bring Mohbad back to life if he is allowed to witness the deceased singer’s body.

In a further show of confidence, the prophet states that his faith in the God he serves remains unwavering, and he is determined to revive Mohbad if given the chance to see the lifeless body.

As previously reported by Naijalegit , Mohbad, the artist behind the hit song “Peace” and formerly signed under Marlian Records, tragically passed away on September 12, 2023, under controversial circumstances at the age of 27. His burial took place the following day, on September 13, 2023.

Amidst shocking revelations of harassment and assault during Mohbad’s life, Nigerians demanded an autopsy, leading to the exhumation of his body. The autopsy has been conducted, and Nigerians eagerly await the results as they continue to seek justice for Mohbad.”

Watch the video of the prophet below;

Here are the reactions:

  1. maccoded: “Please, let’s give him access to his body. 🙏”
  2. god_win_6: “Sure, you can see Mohbad, but only if we send you to meet him.”
  3. legendpaapi: “Take him to where Mohbad is, and if he doesn’t wake up, give him 100 years in prison. That’s my final judgment. ✅”
  4. otrege_muyonmuyon: “Wonders never cease. What God can’t do doesn’t exist. 🙏 😂 Give him a chance before giving him a trial.”
  5. opssy_3300′: “And if he truly comes back to life, can you relate to him the same way as when he was alive? Let’s know your thoughts first.”
  6. hypediva_zeeynee: “People in Africa really love Nollywood-style drama. 😖 It’s like a whole movie. 😂 There’s nothing God can’t do, but let’s separate Nollywood scenes from reality. 😂”
  7. shekemi4465: “Just promise us that if he doesn’t wake up, we’ll bury you with him.”

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