“Is She Expecting This To Happen Before”— See What Mohbad’s Manager Seyi Did Immediately After Mohbad’s D€@th (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Mohbad’s manager, Seyi, is facing scrutiny and allegations of fraud, with questions arising about her connection to Naira Marley.

The concerns heightened when social media users uncovered comments on Seyi’s social media profiles from three weeks ago. In these comments, some individuals expressed suspicions regarding her alleged involvement in fraudulent activities.

One user with the handle Marygold_imperial cautioned others against engaging in any business dealings with Seyi, while another user, Ladies_on_heels.1805, accused her of using Mohbad’s name to deceive people.

The comments have cast doubt on Seyi’s credibility, especially in light of her recent organization of a candlelight event in memory of Mohbad. This event has raised further questions, with some speculating that Seyi may have collected money from participating celebrities, leading to suspicions about her intentions and actions.

Seyi’s close association with Naira Marley, who is rumored to have had a falling out with Mohbad before his untimely death, has added to the skepticism surrounding her role and actions in the events leading up to and following Mohbad’s passing.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Seyi, her alleged involvement in fraudulent activities, and her association with Naira Marley have amplified calls for transparency and justice in this matter.

@endylight1 expressed concerns about the whereabouts of Seyi, Naira Marley, and Sam Larry, stating, “For the fact that Seyi is Mohbad’s manager and a close pal to Naira Marley, then there’s something fishy too. Where is Seyi? Where is Naira Marley? Where is Sam Larry? Why are they waiting for autopsy results before declaring these people wanted.”

@eyinjuoluwaa00 pointed out, “I said it before and I’ll say it again, one mistake Moh made was still keeping her close after his fall out with Marlian records. People mix business with sentiments at the detriment of their business and even life.”

@yes_am_adababy emphasized the need for questioning Seyi, stating, “There’s something wrong with this manager; she needs to be questioned asap.”

@titomi_14 commented on the manager’s alleged lack of action, “Firstly, if the manager (Seyi) is not the one who disclosed Mohbad’s every move or a snitch, immediately Mohbad died, she’s meant to be one of the first people to walk willingly to the police station to give her statement. How will you be managing someone, and they were harassing and bullying him in every aspect, and you kept quiet till they killed him? How will you be friends with people who keep bullying your client till he dies? And while the boy was tweeting and writing petitions, you have never for once retweeted his tweet or posted those videos on your wall, or write to the police or message bloggers to save him. I put it to you Seyi; you’re not a good person, and justice will prevail #justiceformohbad.”

@officialzarah_ concluded with a strong statement, “That girl needs to be locked up; she must talk about what she knows. Her hand is not clean in this matter at all, nothing anybody will tell me #justiceformohbad.”

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