“I’m filled with pride when I see how far we’ve come,” Late Iyabo Oko and Koledowo’s daughter expresses as she steps out with her sister.”

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“Olamide Koledowo, the daughter of the late actress Iyabo Oko and the late actor Koledowo, shares charming photos of herself and her sister as they step out in style.

In her post, Olamide Koledowo expresses her pride in the journey they’ve undertaken so far. She takes a moment to convey a message of strength and resilience to her sister, emphasizing the importance of staying strong, as they’ve been taught.

Her heartfelt message reads, ‘I’m proud of how far we’ve come. Let’s keep staying strong like we’ve been taught to do. @bisiaisha.’

This post comes months after the passing of their mother, Sidikat Odunkanwi, popularly known as Iyabo Oko, who left us on June 28, 2023, at the age of 62.

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“Naijalegit had previously reported that Bisi Aisha, the daughter of the late Iyabo Oko, shared a video of herself and her children stepping out stylishly.

Bisi Aisha shared the heartwarming video on her Instagram account, where she was seen with her kids.

In her post, she expressed her love for her children.”

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