“I Think 300million Won’t Be Bad For D€f@ming Mohbads Wife For DNA- Mohbad’s sister-in-law issues a warning to VeryDarkMan.

Written by fazazy39

The sister-in-law of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad has issued a strong warning to the controversial activist VeryDarkMan. This warning comes after VeryDarkMan requested a DNA test to confirm the paternity of the artist’s son.

VeryDarkMan expressed concerns about potential involvement from close family members and referenced the wife’s public statements about being a widow. He emphasized the importance of conducting a comprehensive DNA test to determine the child’s true paternity.

In response, Mohbad’s sister-in-law took to her Instagram story to criticize VeryDarkMan and threatened him with a defamation lawsuit worth N300 million for damaging her character.

See the post below:

In related news, Naijalegit reported that VeryDarkMan continues to press for an investigation into Mohbad’s wife.

VeryDarkMan remains steadfast in his belief that Mohbad’s wife and her family should undergo scrutiny, and he questions the paternity of Mohbad’s child, advocating for a DNA test to confirm the biological relationship.

He maintains that the police should conduct a comprehensive DNA test to establish the child’s true paternity and investigate both the family and the wife.

In his own words, “Call me names, but I stand by what I said: they should conduct a DNA test and investigate the wife and her family.”

You can watch his statement below:

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