“He Has a Purpose on Earth, and He Has Fulfill it” – Kunle Afolayan Remarks as He Shares His Discoveries About Mohbad Online (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, has shared his perspective on why he believes the late singer Mohbad fulfilled his purpose on Earth.

Kunle Afolayan took to his Instagram page to post a video where he acknowledged the emotional impact of Mohbad’s recent passing. He expressed his belief that Mohbad had indeed fulfilled his purpose on Earth. Afolayan emphasized that every individual arrives in this world with a specific purpose, and it is only after accomplishing that purpose that they can depart.

While not implying that justice should not be served or that those responsible for Mohbad’s demise should go unpunished, Kunle Afolayan conveyed his conviction that, much like the late American citizen George Floyd, Mohbad entered this world to fulfill a particular mission. Afolayan believed that Mohbad’s purpose was to initiate a movement and bring about liberation for many.

He pointed out how Mohbad’s passing has drawn attention to issues within the music industry, especially concerning record labels, making it a moment of enlightenment for many.

Kunle Afolayan extended his heartfelt condolences to the late Mohbad’s wife, son, parents, and family members. He went on to express his unique perspective on the matter, acknowledging that not everyone may share his viewpoint.

He reflected on the recent emotional days following Mohbad’s passing and shared his belief that every individual is born with a distinct purpose. He stressed that life continues until that purpose is fulfilled, and only then does one depart from this world. Drawing a parallel to the late George Floyd, Afolayan suggested that Mohbad’s purpose might have been to initiate a movement and raise awareness about issues that often go unnoticed.

While he emphasized that justice should prevail, he entrusted the responsibility of bringing the singer’s perpetrators to justice in the hands of the authorities. In closing, he conveyed his condolences to Mohbad’s wife, child, parents, and relatives.

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