Traditional worshipper invokes ‘god of iron’, rains curs€s on Mohbad’s kiIIer (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A female adherent of traditional worship took a significant step as she was observed invoking the God of iron, ‘Ogun,’ in response to the killers of the Nigerian singer Mohbad.

In the video, the female worshiper was surrounded by fans and well-wishers of Mohbad.

She could be heard beseeching the God of iron to purify using the blood of Mohbad’s killers, expressing this sentiment in her native language.

In response to this, individuals who watched the video have shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Here are some reactions to the video:

user3959433363586: “This is a true definition of don’t look down on anybody. They never thought of this day like they would have stopped.”

honeypink6: “May Mohbad’s soul rest in peace. God will deal with his killers, trust me, He sees.”

ultimatebabe2: “I’m a Christian but I support this. Aseeeee. No sleep for the wicked.”

user6415982789157: “Mohbad IMOLE is indeed a LIGHT, all religions stood up for Him. Keep resting, great LEGEND.”

Joyce: “So sad you suffered both in life and death. Rest on, Mohbad.”

Motun: “Lord, forgive Mohbad of all his shortcomings and let him find mercy and peace in your sight.”

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