“Mohbad Inherited Singing From Father” – Mohbad father Reveal he’s a gospel singer, poverty made him look older insights as Mr Joseph’s song surfaces (Video)

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Additional details have emerged regarding the biography of Mr. Joseph Festus Aloba, the father of the late artiste, Mohbad, who is known to be a gospel singer.

Amid the criticism surrounding Mohbad’s father for his recent comments about his son’s life, a childhood acquaintance of Mr. Aloba has shed light on his life while raising his son alone.

A Facebook user identified as Festus Olarewaju Ojo shared insights provided by Mr. Aloba’s childhood friend, who chose to remain anonymous.

According to the revelations, Mohbad’s father is only 55 years old but appears older due to the hardships he endured. The source also confirmed the accuracy of reports stating that Mohbad’s mother had indeed abandoned the family.

“I received this message from a respected individual on WhatsApp…

Festus, Mohbad’s father attended the same secondary school where I began Form 1 in 1983. He was a year ahead of me but left in Form 2 when school fees were raised. He’s currently 55 years old, and the hardships he faced have made him appear older.

He is a gospel musician, and Mohbad served as one of his backup singers for many years. I will send you one of his gospel music tracks, and at 2 minutes and 55 seconds into the track, you will hear a slang that Mohbad used in one of his songs… just give it a listen.

Many people are unaware of much about this family. His mother left when he was only 4 years old. After he started earning money, he searched for his mother and began providing her with financial support, but he somewhat neglected his father. He insisted that his father should remarry his mother, and he would cover the wedding expenses. However, his father declined. There are many untold stories…”

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