Ghana traders pay tribute to Mohbad by lighting candles and displaying placards (Video).

Written by fazazy39

A brief video showcasing women holding candles and placards in remembrance of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has garnered significant attention.

The video features a group of individuals, presumably Ghanaian market women, with a few men among them, all holding candles and placards.

Some of the placards displayed lyrics from the songs of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

Here are some reactions from people:

BIG BABY: “This sends some serious goosebumps down my spine. Justice for Mohbad.”

Rita F N Dibia-Chiej: “Thank you to the real mothers of Africa! May we never lose our child! Mohbad, RIP!”

Adenike Adelakun345: “An artist who was betrayed by his mom, dad, stepmom, wife, friends, boss, but loved by God and every living thing in the world. GENERAL MOHBAD, RIP.”

joyceeleojo: “Tears well up in my eyes every day. Ahh, Mohbad, your spirit is strong. DON’T REST UNTIL YOU TAKE THOSE WHO KILLED YOU ALONG.”

Gamelie: “You don’t have to hurt me before you win. You don’t have to kill somebody before you sin. Mohbad, we are truly sorry.”


You don’t have to kill somebody before you sin “ a short video to commemorate the untamed death of mhobad 🕯️🕊️❤️ #justiceformohbad #happytownproject #officialstarter_ #viral

♬ Beast & Peace – Mohbad

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