“We are destined for extraordinary experiences. I will forever cherish the way I celebrated your first birthday,” Prophet Genesis Oladele reminisced, sharing an affectionate photo with his daughter.

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The Senior Shepherd-in-Charge of the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Global, Prophet Israel Ogundipe, recently shared a personal reflection on social media. He recounted how he was ensnared during his first daughter’s birthday celebration.

Accompanied by a heartwarming photo with his daughter, Prophet Israel Oladele emphasized that both he and his children are remarkable manifestations of God’s signs and wonders.

Reflecting on the ordeal, he penned, “As for me and my children, we are destined for extraordinary experiences. Although today isn’t your birthday, I can never forget November 18, 2020. I was set up, seemingly to bury my glory on your first-year birthday.

However, that setup was the catalyst for my elevation. Aisha Iremide Ogundipe. It’s a wicked world. I endured in silence for twelve years before they could carry out their plan while I was enduring and leading. I faced judicial bullying, political bullying, denominational bullying, media bullying, but through it all, God remained faithful.”

Prophet Genesis has been released from prison and has returned to his church.

In April 2021, Prophet Israel Ogundipe was released from prison. The church posted a video on Instagram showing the pastor leading praise and worship upon his return.

Earlier, on November 18, Justice Olabisi Akinlade had sentenced the well-known prophet to one year in prison for the conversion of a woman’s property for personal use and theft.

The court had found Ogundipe guilty of stealing and unlawfully converting the property of a London-based architect, Mrs. Oladele Williams-Oni. He was arraigned on seven counts, including obtaining by stealing, inducing delivery of money by false pretenses, unlawful conversion of property, and forgery. He had fraudulently collected N14 million and £12,000 in various installments from the complainant between August 30, 2002, and 2005.

Justice Akinlade, who found Ogundipe guilty on two counts of stealing and unlawful conversion of undelivered property, sentenced him to one year in prison for each count. Additionally, he was ordered to pay the complainant the sum of N11 million, which he had obtained from her illegally.

Unsatisfied with the judgment, Ogundipe, represented by his counsel Babatunde Ogala (SAN), approached the appeal court for bail pending the appeal hearing and an application to quash the conviction.

Ogala argued that the televangelist’s health had deteriorated due to diabetes, an inability to follow a strict diet, and the constant specialized medical attention in custody, resulting in his “gaunt appearance.”

In delivering the ruling, Justice Abudullhai Bayero stated, “There are criteria for granting bail to a convict, including being a first-time offender or having a serious health condition. The applicant seeking bail pending appeal before the court is a first-time offender and has also demonstrated to the court that he is suffering from hypertension, peptic ulcer, unending malaria, and diabetes, which are serious health conditions.”

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