Actress Lizzy Anjorin send a serious warning to Mohbad’s father and family

Written by fazazy39

A situation has emerged involving Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin, Mr. Joseph Ayoba (the late singer Mohbad’s father), and Mohbad’s wife.

In a video message, Lizzy Anjorin issued a stern warning to Mr. Joseph Ayoba, urging him to permit Mohbad’s wife to care for her son and prevent any further complications for the child.

She also hints at the possibility of exposing the matter on social media if he fails to comply with her request.

This appears to be a private matter, and it’s crucial for all parties involved to seek resolution through proper channels while prioritizing the well-being of the child.

Naijalegit previously reported that Mr. Joseph Ayoba, the father of the late singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known as Mohbad, disclosed that his son didn’t manage his earnings wisely. Mr. Ayoba expressed:

“Mohbad was a compassionate child who frequently supported me. The last sum he gave me was N20,000 on Saturday to buy fuel. I wasn’t pleased with him because he didn’t invest in a house, and the new residence he moved into was rented, so I didn’t visit him.

His wife took full control of him to the point where she even bought a pickup truck for me, yet she kept transferring his money to her own mother. Nigerians should investigate the mother’s bank account balance.

BVN records will reveal every transaction made in my son’s name to her. Even after buying the pickup, they didn’t provide me with money for its maintenance, and I was still struggling to pay my rent. Nevertheless, I’m happy he was a wonderful child and didn’t tarnish my reputation.

His wife and her family members, who were in control, never allowed him to send money to me. They used some sort of manipulation on him, and he always made excuses. My son truly loved me.”

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