Why Mohbad neck was bent inside the casket – Coffin Maker Reveal

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The coffin maker responsible for crafting Mohbad’s casket has finally disclosed the reason behind the late singer’s neck being positioned in a bent manner inside the coffin.

Mohbad, known for his song “Peace,” passed away on September 12th, 2023, and was laid to rest on September 13th, 2023, in Ikorodu, Lagos.

After his demise, a video of Mohbad’s lifeless body in the casket circulated online, with the singer’s neck notably bent, a sight that raised concerns among many.

In response to the controversies surrounding Mohbad’s death, the coffin maker has clarified the circumstances leading to the singer’s neck being positioned that way. He earnestly requests Nigerians to refrain from blaming him, explaining that there was insufficient time to take precise measurements for Mohbad’s casket.

He further clarified that the urgency was driven by the wishes of Mohbad’s father and family, who needed the coffin promptly.

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Here are some reactions to the situation:

  1. ayo_aad: Expressing doubt and concern about the speed of Mohbad’s burial, suggesting a conspiracy theory that he might not have been truly deceased and speculating about reasons for the bent neck.
  2. uncle_azeez: Adding a touch of humor by jokingly asking about the cost of a casket for Naira Marley.
  3. man.down00: Raising questions about the circumstances of Mohbad’s burial, including the bent neck, and expressing concern about the possibility of him being unconscious when buried.
  4. flames.originals: Suggesting a possible financial arrangement with Mohbad’s father to expedite the burial.
  5. nnenna_blinks_: Questioning the hasty burial, especially since Mohbad was not a Muslim, and highlighting the lack of proper measurements for the coffin, leading to suspicions about the circumstances surrounding his death.
  6. viks_vico: Encouraging others to re-watch a video where Mohbad’s friend appeared to notice movement in his neck, raising further doubts about the situation.

These reactions reflect a range of opinions and concerns about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death and burial.

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