Mohbad’s body reportedly set to be Remove From Ground this midnight

Written by fazazy39

The untimely death of Nigerian singer Mohbad has ignited a wave of controversy within the entertainment industry over the past few weeks.

Adding to the ongoing drama, authorities have reportedly decided to exhume his body by midnight on September 18th.

In a video shared by Iyabo Ojo, comedian Obaksolo revealed that he had just spoken with Mohbad’s father, and they had agreed to exhume his body either at midnight or as the first order of the morning.

One of the central figures linked to this tragedy is Naira Marley. Rumors connecting him to Mohbad’s passing have caused a decline in Naira Marley’s followers.

Recently, an audio recording of Mohbad’s father passionately defending Naira Marley has surfaced. His statements in the audio have challenged people’s perceptions of Naira Marley.

Given the past professional relationship between Mohbad and Naira Marley, many have wondered if there is more to Mohbad’s passing than meets the eye, prompting Mohbad’s father to speak out and provide essential insights into his son’s tragic demise.

One significant revelation made by Mohbad’s father was that Naira Marley was not present with Mohbad at the time of his death, effectively debunking rumors of Naira Marley’s direct involvement.

Furthermore, Kemi Filani had previously reported that Mohbad’s father had refuted sinister speculations surrounding his son’s passing. He offered an alternative explanation, suggesting that Mohbad had died due to complications arising from an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse. This injection was reportedly given to treat an ear infection, marking a heartbreaking turn of events.

As the entertainment community continues to grapple with the aftermath of Mohbad’s passing, the revelation about his body being exhumed adds another layer of complexity to the circumstances surrounding his death.

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