“Imole” – Man draws Mohbad’s name on his hand to pay him last respects (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a surprising display of affection, a Nigerian man has professed his love for the late singer Mohbad in an unconventional manner.

Through his TikTok handle, @aishamuhammad1632, he tugged at the heartstrings of online users by sharing a video of his recent tattoo dedicated to Mohbad.

The tattoo, prominently displaying the word ‘Imole’ on his hand, stands as a lasting tribute to the artist. The video swiftly garnered attention, with internet users acknowledging the young man’s gesture as a genuine symbol of love and admiration for Mohbad’s music.

Within the comments section of the TikTok video, viewers conveyed their solidarity and respect for the man’s choice to get a tattoo as a tribute to Mohbad.

Many commented on the profound love and commitment reflected in his decision, while others shared their personal memories and admiration for the late singer.

Netizens also extended their prayers, expressing their hope that Mohbad’s soul would find eternal peace. Here are some of the reactions:

@do you care about petral said, “God bless you, dear, for the love. At this point, people are not faking it; this guy’s death has shaken everywhere. Delta State here, everybody loves Mohbad.”

@santosfrancis781 said, “Wow, this is real love. Rest in peace, Mohbad.”

@Mercyboy said, “I’m following you up. Mohbad was a real guy, and he deserves this. Thank you, my friend.”

@OMOHBEDDINGS FURNITURE_INTERIO said, “Even if you didn’t know him when he was alive, you’ll keep him in your heart forever. ‘Imole,’ thanks, brother. I love this, and I can do it too. Any tattoo plug.”

These reactions reflect the genuine love and respect that many people continue to hold for Mohbad, even after his passing.

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