“My father was a$$a$$inated And KiII€D In My Presence When I Was Small” – Teni Makanaki

Written by fazazy39

Teniola Apata, the Nigerian singer renowned as Teni or Teni Makanaki, recently opened up during an interview, recounting a poignant tale of losing her father to assassination when she was merely 2 years old.

During the conversation, she delved into her father’s prominence and the circumstances surrounding it.

Teni reflected, “My father was widely recognized.”

The interviewer inquired, “What was he renowned for?”

Teni shared, “My father wore many hats: a disciplinarian, a soldier, and a philanthropist. He educated countless individuals, provided shelter, and transformed countless lives.”

Continuing, she said, “Growing up, the trauma of losing my father at such a tender age, witnessing his tragic assassination alongside my family, and all those experiences…”

The interviewer asked, “Could we delve into that?”

Teni replied, “Certainly.”

The interviewer continued, “How old were you when this happened?”

Teni responded, “I was just 2 years old.”

Teni’s father, Simeon Apata, was a prominent figure in Nigerian politics and business. The heartbreaking assassination took place in 1995, with Teni, her mother, and her siblings present during that tragic event.

Watch her speak below;

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