D’General Bitters CEO, Soso Soberekon gives Mohbad’s son ₦2 million

Written by fazazy39

Soso Soberekon, a prominent businessman and CEO of D’General Bitters, has generously contributed 2 million naira to Liam, the son of the late singer Mohbad, who tragically passed away on September 12.

This act of kindness follows in the footsteps of other notable celebrities, including Davido, who have also extended their support to Mohbad’s family in recent days.

In response to this generous gesture, concerned individuals have taken to the post’s comment section to express their thoughts and sentiments

Here are some reactions:

yungkumzee: “I hope the boy’s father doesn’t try to claim a share of that 2 million. The old man might set up a ring light and start claiming that a small portion of the money found its way into his hands. Shameless old man, hypocrite.”

mandy__chuks: “I pray that this young boy grows up to shine even brighter than his father. May his name be a source of greatness (Light).”

gylliananthonette: “They should give all the money and assets to the son… It’s not easy to raise someone with immense potential.”

zainab.ayoo: “Honestly, at this point, I think these donations should be given to the son without any public announcement. Based on what we’ve seen so far, that family can’t be trusted.”

shofu01: “Watch how those who haven’t contributed a dime will come and criticize the person who gave 2 million. You can never please everyone.”

mc_shortman91: “They should set aside the money for now; we need justice first. I can even run with that 2 million if it means getting justice.”

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