“Pls Nigerian, I can’t kiII, I have no hands in Mohbad’s D€@th” – Sammy Larry Speak Out(Video)

Written by fazazy39

Sammy Larry, a Nigerian individual accused of assaulting the late singer Mohbad on multiple occasions, has issued a statement concerning Mohbad’s death. He firmly denies any involvement in it.

In a recently uploaded video, Sammy Larry can be heard speaking in his native language, providing insight into his relationship with Mohbad and asserting that he could not have caused any harm to him.

His statement, which we have translated to English, includes the following: “Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Wherever you may be listening to this, my name is Samson Irefolabi Balogun Eletu. In light of recent events, I want to clarify that Mohbad is my brother, and I hold him in high regard. Even during his time at Marlians Records, he was aware of my affection for him, and his wife can attest to this.”

The translated statement from the video reads as follows:

“Everyone knows I love Mohbad. Everywhere I go, whether it’s Kenya or Dubai, I ask Mohbad to follow me, and I even mentioned that I’ll pay Marlians Records so we can have a show. The fact that we’re fighting doesn’t necessarily involve death. I cannot kill Mohbad. I love him so much; God knows my heart. I love him, and I cannot kill him. I know nothing about his death. The viral video only shows what happened a long time ago. It happened last year when I wasn’t even in Nigeria, and it was circulated online. There’s a video where he was in a wheelchair, and Zlatan is my witness. You can call him and ask him if I touched Mohbad.”

This statement has sparked discussions on social media, with concerned individuals expressing their views in the comment section.

Here are some reactions from social media:

@OUTRIGHTJOE: “When the people are united, they put fear in the heart of the oppressors. He’s in hiding because he can’t endure even half of what he has done to Mohbad if caught.”

@Dhavidtips: “He’s explaining while looking away. He shows no remorse whatsoever. I won’t say more; I miss Mohbad.”

@oluchi_prudence: “Why is he explaining in a hotel room? Sir, go to the police station to clear your name.”

@Frankillumate: “If you observe closely, you’d notice he’s close to laughter. What he’s doing is to divert attention from himself.”

@DareHardy09: “I’ve been saying this, but nobody seems to understand. The police should start investigating those close to him 24 hours before his death and conduct an autopsy to determine the cause.”

@ChukwuyemEledan: “He should go to the police station and provide this explanation.”

@Mr_Bunki3: “Sam Larry, also known as Suge Knight, making a video to mock Nigerians is just sad. He’s indirectly telling us that nothing will happen, and it makes me want to cry right now.”

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