“The grav3yard is the Costly place on earth”- Actress Kenny George says as she shares video of herself visiting grav3yard

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Nigerian actress Kenny George has delivered a thought-provoking message to her fans and followers via social media during her visit to a cemetery.

In a video she shared, Kenny George reflected upon the profound meaning of life and the significance of maximizing one’s time on this planet.

In her recent video, Kenny George found herself amidst the solemn ambiance of a graveyard, sharing her insights into the profound lessons that can be gleaned from such a place.

In the video’s caption, Kenny George eloquently expressed, “The cemetery stands as the world’s most affluent repository, for within it lie all the unfulfilled hopes and dreams, the unwritten books, the unsung songs, the undiscovered inventions, and the unrealized remedies. 🕊🕊.”

Take a look at her post below. 🌟



Kenny George’s contemplation of the symbolism of the graveyard deeply resonated with her fans and followers, who were moved by the reminder to cherish each day and seize their opportunities.

Comments on the post included:

  • “ONE DAY, a title will be added to our name, ‘The Late’… What more can I desire in a world riddled with uncertainties? Today, we’re here, chasing our dreams, rekindling lost aspirations, and forging new paths. Tomorrow, we vanish, leaving everything hollow. We often covet the world, oblivious to the fact that death brings an end to it all.”
  • “Hmm, so true… May Jah grant us the grace to live long before we answer the eternal call. 🙏”
  • “Stop them before they stop you. They never rest; it’s your unwillingness that allows them to persist. Cling to God; that’s how you can be delivered from these malevolent forces. Life is spiritual!”
  • “♥……🔥🔥🔥🔥……♥ thanks for sharing this, Aunty Kenny, my heroine.”
  • “God, please grant me a long and healthy life. 😢👏”

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