Mohbad’s demise:Please Join witchcr@ft for all your children – Lizzy Anjorin advises mothers of Nigerian celebrities (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Popular Yoruba actress Lizzy Anjorin has offered advice to celebrity mothers in the wake of singer Mohbad’s tragic passing.

Mohbad’s unexpected death at the young age of 27, under mysterious circumstances, deeply impacted many Nigerians.

During an Instagram live broadcast, Anjorin advised mothers with sons in the music industry to consider joining secret societies for their protection. She stressed the importance of mothers taking proactive measures to prevent the tragic loss of their children.

Speaking in Yoruba, she expressed, “To all of you mothers who have children, especially those mothers whose children are involved in the music industry, if you haven’t joined a secret society or practiced witchcraft, don’t wait until you receive the lifeless body of your child at home.” Watch the video below for more details.

Video below

The video of Lizzy Anjorin sharing her advice to mothers with celebrity children quickly went viral on social media. This short clip generated a range of interesting comments from internet users. Here are some of the reactions:

te_mm__y commented, “For the first time, she’s using her senses 😢.”

real_tobby added, “That’s the truth, hunmm 😢. Look at Burna’s mom, she’s always with her son everywhere he goes.”

medullarconcept wondered, “I keep asking… Where is MohBad’s mom in all of this?”

gbemi_pepper applauded, “Wow, this woman is absolutely right 😍😍. As a mother, you need to keep praying for your children. Both visible and invisible battles. May God protect them and fight their battles for them 🙏🙏. All they know is money…”

omo_doyinabidemi emphasized, “She is absolutely right. Destiny killers can destroy the destinies of children like it’s nothing. If parents cannot pray and fast because the spiritual realm controls the physical, may God Almighty continue to protect and fight for our children.”

tobimary70 humorously chimed in, “I swear I can go anywhere for the sake of my child… my guardian angel, my well-dressed child 😁.”

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