“You Betræyed Me, Even If You Kill Me, You Can’t KiII My Family” – Videos And Chat Between Mohbad and His Girlfriend Before His D€ath Surfaces Online (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Following the tragic death of Mohbad Imole, there has been a surge of speculations regarding the circumstances surrounding the Nigerian singer’s passing.

A circulating online conversation reveals a heated argument between Mohbad and his girlfriend, Wunmi.

In their chat, Mohbad criticized Wunmi for what he perceived as her lack of respect towards him, resorting to using derogatory language to address her.

He expressed concerns about potential harm from his wife but believed that she couldn’t harm his entire family. Mohbad warned that his family would take action against her.

The revelation sparked significant responses, with commenters sharing their opinions on the matter. Here are some of the reactions:

  1. deegurl01 said, “Best believe they both had some misunderstanding at that time and they resolved it. Now that he’s no more, Mohbad’s phone is with his family members, and they unlocked the phone and saw this conversation and leaked it for the world to see. They are probably looking for who to pin his death on. Couples fight and they make up. This probably happened a long time ago.”
  2. queenmichelle62 said, “This looks like maybe they fell apart, and he was still in love. This is like a misunderstanding between them; maybe she didn’t reply to him, and he started pouring out his feelings.”
  3. shinaayomie said, “You know exactly what happened. They injected this guy when they arrested him, maybe because of what he knows. Bursting Naira’s house wasn’t an ordinary thing. But what do I know? I just want us to be careful of who we associate with. If it’s a small change you’re seeing, try to make use of it; stop looking around for updates by making friends with different people. Bye.”
  4. jtclassique said, “Ha! But I think his demise is health-related.”
  5. _atole001 said, “One thing I know is Bella Shmurda will know much about everything. Bella should just shed light on all of these.”
  6. preshhhxxo said, “This guy’s death is not ordinary at all, but in the end, one day we shall know the true cause of his death. This just proves he was killed because now they want to switch everything to the girl. Nawa o, human beings are wicked; his family is wicked; his killers are evil. Just imagine, chaii.”

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